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We are New Generation Technologies, an IT service business that loves to engage, collaborate and grow.


At NGT, we come to work every day because we want to be part of the digital journey of the businesses in our community. We want to solve the problem of manual management systems and fruitless IT service implementations.

Everyone who has used the paper-based system for several years wonders if it is even possible to move digital. Will the staff resist? Will there be challenges? What exactly will it cost? How much am I missing by sticking to the old system? This is really why we are hear; to work out the transition roadmap and be your partner through the implementation of your digital system. 

Have you found yourself wondering what you really need to run all aspects of your business digitally? You know this feeling of having random IT tools and platforms managing your business processes almost independently? We have been there too and we know how much is lost in the cracks. And now that we have seen what lies on the other end of an integrated digital systems for all processes. We are happy to walk you down the same route. That seamless automation your sales process, billing tool, document management system and what can you think of? That is what makes our hearts beat and that is why 7am is not an early start at NGT.

Studies have it that businesses that embrace digitalization can expect average revenue growth of 26%. If this is something you want for your business, remember to write us now.

Our Story

Sometime in 2013, two interns were on a trip to Kumba. Having spent 3 months in Saint Anthony’s Guild Foundation (SAGDiF) Kumba, it was clear that the ordinary people in a community could bring the most remarkable change in the lives of people. We beheld the passion and commitment of every teacher, administrator, and caregiver. We witnessed the challenges, successes, and growth of an institution that wanted to give out only the best. Over time, we would know that some of these experiences were shared between most institutions.

So back to the trip, our Founder Olouge Eya kept drawing and at some point asked “I think it will be nice to start a company in automation”. “That is crazy”, Faith Muwar replied without hesitation.


Fast forward to 2016, New Generation Technologies was formally registered as a Private Limited company. Scholar, the School ERP had been built and was being used in the first Anglosaxon secondary school in Cameroon. Other institutions had learned about this application and began to request similar systems for their schools and retail businesses. 


It’s been a long ride and we remain happy to support educational institutions and businesses on this journey to growth. We will be happy to be part of your journey too.

Please reach out and even if you think it’s crazy, the best time to have made more profit was yesterday and the next best time is now. This time, you don't have to worry about the technology and the team so what are you waiting for? We will be happy to work for you.              

You want to know what 


It is sometimes challenging to get on a path without getting an idea of what it will take to complete the journey.  We will give you a FREE quote.

Our team

Olouge Eya

Founder, Software Engineer

Mpara Faith

Sales Representative

Ngatchu Harry